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It all begins with a thought or feeling given by a particular medium that sparks joy. When starting the layout, I next think of my color scheme and shapes I want to incorporate. For example, after choosing various shades of pink for the main design, I will use silver beads or metals as an accent. Then move on to a green or blue palate, or whatever comes to mind.

Jewelry Designer
About Our Leather
Male Jewelry Designer


Color and texture are the main components of any great jewelry design. At times, the first step really begins with beads that inspire, which usually means they need to be snatched up fast. After studying these finds a bit more closely, I then look at properties to bring out and celebrate.


Whether I'm going for a striking piece or an understated one, I try to balance the design so the colors and textures have a harmonious symmetry.  In the end, I create a unique piece of jewelry or metal work that will stimulate positive conversations!

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