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​For over 20 years we've worked in excellence and all of our candles and crafts products speak for themselves! 


Each is hand-made in the USA with perfection in mind. A statement of love and reverence for GOD and honor for our richly colorful ancestry. Our beautifully hand-crafted, all natural scented candles and jewelry proudly show the passion we put into our products.


Our home décor is also a statement in Excellence and Beauty. I love making products that help enhance the home, office and well-being of  family, friends, and customers. It is a pleasure and an honor to serve you. Peace & Love, Shelia (Lia) & Kevin (Kay).

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In West Africa, waist beads are known by many names, including Jel-Jelli, Jigida, Giri-Giri, Djalay Djalay, or Yomba, Ibebe-idi, Ileke-idi. They can be very simple or incredibly elaborate. They can be of any size and made of any material, including glass, stone, clay, and sandalwood. In some parts of West Africa, waist beads would be worn with bells on them, causing a slight jingling sound as the women walked by. Today, waist beads have filtered into other cultures. Belly dancers in Eastern cultures have embraced the beads, as have women of Islamic cultures and those worn in Western cultures.


Traditional African waist beads are worn all throughout life: babies, teens, middle-aged women, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. In most West African cultures, once you get into adult-hood, your waist beads are considered “private” and not always meant for show. They are typically worn under clothing, such that only only your partner would know that you have them on. This is different from Westernized modern-day usage of waist beads. 


Women of all shapes and sizes can wear waist beads; they are not meant only for those with flat stomachs. Wearing waist beads instantly invokes an awareness of your body, bringing out your femininity, sexiness, and a deep consciousness of being a woman. It almost changes the way you walk; increasing self-confidence in the way you carry yourself. There is a sense of empowerment that comes with wearing them, especially in an area of the body many are uncomfortable with and trying to hide. They are a colorful and beautiful adornment to your body - no matter if you have a six-pack, a muffin-top, or fall somewhere in between.

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